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Flea Symphony (Sr. Producer): (Majesco, iOS)

Control cute fleas as they solve puzzles in this charming musical game.

Sci-Fi Heroes (Sr. Producer/Design Director/Writer): (Majesco, iOS)

Explore sci-fi tropes in the comedy battle game, featuring 48 levels, multiple difficulty modes and Social Raids.

Legends of Loot (Sr. Producer): (Majesco, iOS, Google Play, Amazon)

Fortune and Glory can be yours as you explore nearly 90 mazes and do battle with mythical creatures!

Zombie Parkour Runner (Design Director): (Break Media [SNS+], iOS)

Parkour in the time of zombies!  Use your fast-footed tricks to evade zombies and collect treasures in this runner game for iOS.  


Atlantis (Design Director): (Break Media: Facebook)

As a mermaid or mer-man, restore the city of Atlantis to its former glory and bring in new fish friends from all over teh ocean.  (No longer active in US, but enjoys success in China and Japan.)

Epic Monsters (Design Director): (Break Media, Facebook)

Build and train your own Epic Monster to destroy your friends’ cities while building your own monster-friendly home.  (No longer active.)


Remnants of Skystone (Creative Director): (Flipline Studios, Kongregate)

A post-apocalyptic steampunk world, equal parts Castlevania, Maple Story, and Habbo Hotel. Perhaps the greatest Flash game ever made.  (

Zening (Creative Director/Writer): (Michael King, Kongregate)

A dark, story-driven multiplayer strategy game featuring nearly 30 minutes of fully voiced cut scenes and up to 20-player matches. (

Dinowaurs (Creative Director): (Intuition Games, Kongregate)

Mayhem, destruction, and adorableness struggle for dominance in this real-time multiplayer battle between giant pastel dinosaurs. (

Bible Fight (Writer/Creative) : (this is pop, Adult Swim)

A one-on-one fighting game featuring a who’s-who of Bible regulars in a full-on holy smackdown to determine who really deserves to be the King of Heaven. (

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) (Creative): (Ham in the Fridge, Adult Swim)

If Stan has to go to one more meeting he’s gonna off himself. Ok, that’s it. He’s got five minutes to pull it off, and you’ve got a whole office full of stuff to do it with. (

Argue (About Everything) (Creative Director): (Roger Bankus, Kongregate)

Argue is a five-minute real-time strategy game that will let you use the power of facts, passion, and reason to make your case to the rest of the internet. (not yet available)


Viva Caligula (Writer/Creative): (this is pop, Adult Swim)

Rome’s most infamous emperor slaughters his way through the city, finding 26 seperate weapons to use in his quest to get to the orgy on time. (

Nine Billion Miles From Earth (Writer/Creative): (Pet Tomato, Adult Swim)

This retro-future shooter comes complete with live-action cut scenes, floating poodle heads and over-acting. (

Orphan Feast (Writer/Creative): (Robox Studios, Adult Swim)

Jonathan Swift, eat your orphan heart out. The only game that features literary allusion, ninetenth-century kidnapping, and cannibalism on the market to date. (

Attack of the Feverheads (Writer/Creative): (Cartoon Game Studio, Adult Swim)

Cleanse Sealab of the infected with your awesome pipes.  (

Candy Mountain Massacre (Game Design/Level Design): (Mockworld, Adult Swim)

A delicious 3D third-person shooter that places you in the shoes of an exterminator taking on the full wrath of the infected Candy Mountain. (



InuYasha: Demon Tournament (Creative/Writer): (this is pop, Adult Swim)

A Battle Royale between characters of the popular anime series InuYasha. (

Fairway to Hell (Creative): (Ham in the Fridge, Adult Swim)

Tee off indoors in this game of house-golf…where putting in the rough takes on a whole new meaning. (

File Frenzy (Writer/Creative): (Adult Swim)

Harvey Birdman’s pet eagle Avenger conquers the dangers of office filing in this maze adventure. (

Flameout (Writer/Creative): (Adult Swim)

Roy Mustang from the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist takes on hordes of chimera with only a snap of his fingers. (

Flight of the Monarch (Writer/Creative): (Cartoon Games Studio, Adult Swim)

Venture Bros. villain The Monarch takes to the skies in his fondest dreams in this take on the classic helicopter game. (

Floor It! (Writer/Creative): (Orsinal Games, Adult Swim)

Early Cuyler from Squidbillies takes flight in this destructive bounce through Northern Georgia.  (

Habeas Dorkus (Co-writer/Creative): (Cartoon Game Studio, Adult Swim)

A Harvey Birdman throwback to the text adventures of old. (

Head Games (Writer/Creative): (Orsinal Games, Adult Swim)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force neighbor Carl has lost his head and Meatwad is the only one who cares enough to help. (

I Object! (Writer/Creative): (Cartoon Games Studio, Adult Swim)

This game of reverse whack-a-mole features characters from Harvey Birdman. (

Idea Volleyball (Writer/Creative): (Adult Swim)

Brainstorming becomes a battlefield as characters from Tom Goes to the Mayor gear up for some volleyball of the mind. (

Iron and Flame (Writer/Creative): (this is pop, Adult Swim)

Ed and Al from Fullmetal Alchemist take on chimera and other officers in this alchemical brawler.  (

Money$hot (Writer/Creative): (this is pop, Adult Swim)

Stroker & Hoop characters infest the world of old-school pinball. (

Moninite Marauders (Writer/Creative): (Adult Swim)

The Mooninites are invading. From space. That’s where the similarities end, we swear.  (

Racist Checkers (Writer/Creative): (Cartoon Game Studio, Adult Swim)

Racial tension boils over as the White Shadow battles the heroes of Minoriteam in a culturally-charged game of checkers. (

Rough Justice (Writer/Creative): (Adult Swim)

Brock Samson kills a lot of people in very violent ways in this Venture Bros. game. (

State Alchemy Exam (Writer/Creative): (Cartoon Game Studio, Adult Swim)

This unique, circular take on Sudoku shows what it takes to pass the exam in Fullmetal Alchemist. (

The Ninth Level of Power (Writer/Creative): (Cartoon Game Studio, Adult Swim)

Gerald from Perfect Hair Forever rides a cloud and some weird stuff happens. Yeah, that’s about it.  (

Time for Trouble (Writer/Creative): (Orsinal Games, Adult Swim)

Sealab’s Dr. Quinn tries to overcome the fourth dimension in this looping adventure in underwater time.  (

Worst Game Ever (Writer/Creative): (this is pop, Adult Swim)

ATHF’s Master Shake and Meatwad embark on the worst, most boring journey in the history of videogames. It’s really that bad.  (