CAGES (Book One)

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As long as Sam Crafty can remember, adults have feared their children.

READERS ARE SAYING: “I always grab a sample first, and this one had me going to back to buy it faster than any other book I’ve ever read” | “I didn’t expect the zombie twist… to truly pay off. But wow.” | “The backdrop of the story and how the world became what it is, is just flat out awesome.”

Since the Outbreak ten percent of all teenagers transform spontaneously and without warning into horrible, parasite-spreading Beasts. This monstrous tide threatened to destroy the world, but the survivors persevered and kept the parasite at bay by creating Quarantines, rigid prisons to hold their children through volatile puberty into the safety of adulthood.

For Sam, incarceration is freedom. The child of damaged Outbreak survivors, he relishes the day he can unleash the tricks his brother James taught him and make his mark on the world. The tyrannical principal who would happily see him dead? A worthy adversary. His chemically-obsessed roommate who keeps trying to build a dirty bomb? A useful pawn. His own debilitating fear of becoming a monster himself? Well… he’s not really ready for that one.

Cages is a deceptively easy to read page-turner concealing a deep coming of age story. How do we develop our own identities among a sea of external influences? Will we take on our parents’ neuroses? Our brothers’ lost dreams? Or… will we go wild?

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