So, what’s up with Cages 2?

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I’m slowly working on Cages 2 (as of yet untitled) and it’s going pretty well.   I thought this might be a good opportunity to share a few paragraphs  from the first chapter for those itching for just a little more Sam Crafty.  Let me know what you think!  Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read Book 1.

At the time it was hard to know if this was providence or tragedy.  As I looked at the body of the man to whom I was handcuffed, it seemed fitting to consider the category of circumstance, as it might very well be the last circumstance in which I ever found myself.  The answer to the question, I decided, hinged on how the next few hours went.

There were a number of scenarios.  I could catch whatever sickness caused Truant Officer Richard Bailey (I called him Dick, out of affection) to puke blood for the last ten miles and finally slump over against a tree and into a shin-high mound of fire ants.  It was their relentless attacks on his face that convinced me he was dead.  Those little assholes hurt like hell, and Dick refused to even twitch.  I had dragged him a few feet out of the ants once a dozen or so started to make their way up his arm towards the handcuffs.  Fire ants were the last thing I needed chewing on my flesh… well, next to last, maybe.

On the other hand, I could be devoured by the ravenous undead or their enormous parasite-infecting Beast creators while I waited for these metal bracelets to magically vaporize.  A year ago that would have been a bad joke.  Twenty three years after the Outbreak had wiped out the entire Midwest and turned half the world into shuffling zombie Bitten – and its teenagers into super-powerful Beasts – we had all thought it was over.  That we had kept it contained, every teenager under nineteen locked away in SuperMax Quarantines, to be instantly slaughtered if they showed the slightest sign of the change.  Then… well, it looked as if the parasite had gotten tired of being caged.  Before, I had seen one whole Bitten my whole life.  Now I had seen dozens.

Scenario Three: I turn Beast myself.  No way the handcuffs would hold.  So… call that a win?  Not really.  I had seen too many transformations to relish watching the sharp spines push through my skin, cracking my bones, nails sharpening in to ten killing spikes.  Would my vision go red?  I had spent too much time thinking about that possibility these last nine months, sleeping under the stars and hiding in tool sheds.  Wondering if I would know it was happening.

The meat on Dick’s hand was raw and torn from where I tried to strip the cuff off, but I just didn’t have the power.  At my best I was a buck twenty wet, but the last few months had wicked what fat I had off and then went to work on the muscle.  I felt like I couldn’t break a candy bar, much less the dead cop’s wrist bones.   Though to be honest, I might actually try harder for the candy.

I tried to avoid thinking about chewing his hand off.  I had no doubt I would do it, but I didn’t like to consider taking another human being’s flesh in my mouth.  And would I be able to not swallow?

OMG!  How will Sam get out of this mess?  Stay tuned for more scenes from When Teenagers Attack!


  1. I have really tired of the whole zombie and vampire craze going these days. “Cages” popped up on a facebook page that lists free kindle books and after reading a little about the book I decided to give it a try. I mean free is free. No loss if you don’t like it. Well I really liked this book! It was a lot more than I expected. It was fast paced and a fun read. I look forward to more.

  2. Thanks Juli! I’m glad you liked it! I’ve got a new signup form on my site here if you want to hear more about the sequel as I complete it. And as always, reviews left on Amazon and Goodreads are always appreciated!

    Thanks so much again for your kind words.

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