Cleaning Up and Found My Entire Comics Collection

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In all its Glory

Cleaning up today in anticipation of my wife and daughter’s return from Georgia and stumbled on my comics/graphic novel collection. Yes.  This is it.  Marvel in its splendor.  Ok, so I’m not much of a comic book guy, as should be evident by the addition of what ended up being a disappointing Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 and the near-complete lack of traditional superheroes.

Most of this originates from probably three years back, when I started to think I had missed the boat on this whole comic book thing and started buying what everyone said were the best things, Watchmen and Sandman, etc.  And they were indeed very good.  I just couldn’t get over the pricing — I wanted to read the complete Sandman, but the MSRP on one volume is $20.  I do appreciate the art and effort that went into creating it, and shortchanging Neil Gaiman wasn’t really what I want to do, but it was just far too expensive to continue for a book that I literally finished inside of two hours.

I have to admit that there are books I’ve read that I acquired via more… swashbuckling means.  Y the Last Man.  DC’s Blackest Night Event.  Marvel’s Civil War.  While I appreciated them for a lot of reasons I still don’t think I can legitimately call myself a comic book guy.  I tend to find the superhero stuff kind of grating… I’m good with one hero, or small groups, but the cast of characters the big events seem to unearth are just kind of ridiculous.  I mean, in Civil War there was a character called Typeface.  Who threw letters.  Right.

I guess I’m just not a fan of the never ending series that characterizes both most superhero comics and soap operas.  I like character arcs.  If the story never ends, to where does the arc ultimately curve?  You just get ridiculous twists, deaths and resurrections that seem to do little to improve the quality of the story other than to pad the issue and produce a shocking cover.  That’s just not my bag.

But I do hope to find more comics like Watchmen, JTHM, Sandman… if anyone’s got recommendations, let me know!


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