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I triumph over writing challenges!

So I’ve been a little… well, stuck isn’t the right word, but proceeding very slowly on Cages 2.   What ended up being a challenging environment for Sam Crafty ended up being challenging for me as well.  I purposefully placed Sam in a new place where his notions of how the world works would take a beating, where he didn’t have a handle on things the way he at least felt like he had in Dekalb Quarantine #4.

Sam is a creature that thrives on conflict and his experiences in Quarantine have only served to heighten that characteristic.  Without giving much away, I decided to put him in a place that, when he pushed, would not push back.  While thematically and character-building-wise a good move, it was actually very difficult to write.  Conflict is easy.  If the conflict lies in conflict being avoided, it’s difficult to really make that interesting. Conflict becomes smaller, centered around everyday things and interactions.  Stuff that’s more challenging to engage with, especially if you want to keep up a nice pace to the book.

I decided to separate the book into three parts (in one volume).  The fact that I got to type the title of the second today, seen in the image up there (PURGATORIO) represents a nice victory for me.  I get the feeling that the rest of the book will be downhill from here.  I can finally let Sam a bit more off his leash, even if it’s not in the way he’s used to.

I do enjoy writing a little mayhem.

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