Awfully Busy for Someone With So Much Free Time

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I’m feeling pulled in a dozen directions at the moment.  It’s all been a bit overwhelming, honestly, and I’m having difficulty figuring out how to prioritize my projects.  Priority #1 is getting a new job – and it’s looking ok on that front, but there’s still a lot of applying and interviewing and doing design tests and whatnot that goes into it.

Priority #2 is taking care of my daughter Aeryn while my wife works freelance.  We still have her in daycare three days a week, which allows me time to work on the things I need to do, including and on top of Priority #1, but she has a lot of groups and therapies and other things that eat away at your time.

Other projects… I’m working on Cages 2, obviously, but it can be difficult to prioritize that when other, more lucrative projects in the field I’m in may be more beneficial in the short term.  I have a small game concept I’ve been attempting to get off the ground on my own – but then there’s the bigger, more ambitious, story-heavy idea I really want to do, but have neither the funds to complete or the skills to do on my own.  Over time I’ve been trying to teach myself programming, and have been focusing on learning Unity, but it’s not easy.  I get distracted easily from it as I’m by all means not a natural coder and while I enjoy making things move on the screen, I don’t enjoy combing through code to try to figure out what I’ve done wrong for an hour at a time.

So.  I’ve decided to just steam through Cages 2 and get that off my plate, along with the plans I have for giving Cages 1 a wider distribution.  Then I’ll be in a better place to decide what deserves more of my time next.  Hopefully that means you’ll see the progress bar on my site climb a bit faster for the next little while!


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